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Custom Properties


Bug: myBalsamiq does not always associated the custom properties I enter via the “Custom Properties…” dialog with the control I right-clicked on - sometime it’s the parent that gets them, sometimes a nearby control. It’s not easily reproducible but it happens very frequently - enough to make the feature in myBalsamiq unusable.

Question: Why are custom properties hidden the way they are? It makes proofing the custom properties of the controls in a mockup hard. I would much rather see them be treated as control properties just like all others instead of being accessible only through right-click | select menu entry.


Thanks @micinvic, we’ll take a look. What do you use customer properties for in myBalsamiq?


We’re importing Balsamiq mockups into Enterprise Architect and are using customID to name the element created for a given control (and customData to provide the element’s notes.)

I’d really appreciate it if the group would give some real thought to how custom properties are implemented - they could be much easier to use. Treating them as regular properties (perhaps hidden by preference?) would go a long way I think.


Another (Minor) Issue: customID and customData are URL-encoded twice before being written into the bmml:

< customID >Remove%2520Code%2520Button< /customID >


If I could add my two cents on this. I use Custom Properties all the time to specify the name of a field (Custom Control ID) and to define some logic for how a button may work (Custom Control Data). A couple of suggestions.

  1. If Markup is turned on provide a small image that shows a control has a custom property specified. Right now I am effectively creating a second control (a small bright pink triangle) that I drag to the upper right corner of the control and designate as a Markup and then I put my control information in that.

  2. If 1 were done, then ideally Mockups would display those custom properties with a rollover (again, only if Display Markup is turned on) so I don’t have to click into the control every time to see the information.

  3. It would be nice if the Properties could be easily exported as a CSV. The JSON is helpful, but kind of messy and I feel like I will need to write a program just to clean it up.

I really enjoy the product and I think this would add a lot of functionality without bloating it… For me I could just use Balsamiq and some style sheets and basically be confident that my programmers could build an application with just those two items.


Interesting. Thanks for the additional information, both of you.

Balsamiq was not designed from the beginning to be your only design tool. Our vision is that we are replacing paper and a Sharpie, or maybe a whiteboard and markers.

As we move forward, it is extremely helpful to learn how people are actually using our product, regardless of what we envisioned. :slight_smile: We’ll definitely take your comments into consideration as we decide where to go with features like custom properties. Thank you!!