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Custom Shortcuts on Mac not working with arrow keys


I’m trying to set my align left, right, top and bottom shortcuts to use Command + Control + the coordinating arrow key, but it isn’t working. Any way to make it work? Thanks


Hey @MSGuzy,

Sorry for the trouble here. It sounds like you’re trying to set up a custom shortcut for aligning controls, rather than using our keyboard shortcuts, is that right?

There may be some issues with that because the app is not technically a native macOS app (it’s built on the Adobe Flash framework) which may block the creation of some custom keyboard shortcuts. I’m sorry about that.

We are hard at work at a native version of the app - one that should allow custom keyboard shortcuts - and hope to have a beta read by the end of summer.


Thanks for the reply. Yes I am trying to set up custom shortcuts. Your reason for the issue makes sense, but weirdly the new shortcuts actually show up in the menu and just don’t work.

I’ll keep my eye out for the update coming later in summer.