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Cut and Paste groups between Mockups does not maintain position



It use to be that Cut and Paste groups between Mockups maintained position, but in the latest version it does not.


Sorry for the trouble Michael. There are a couple possibilities here. First off, we’ve released the official version, so snag it here:

Secondly, you can also use Paste in Place if it’s not putting it where it was before. Usually it will, unless there is a difference in the viewport, and pasting it where it was before would put it outside the viewport. But Paste in Place will have you covered. Thanks!


Thanks for the hint!


Okie, I’m new to the party but I just notice this issue today and consider it’s a deal breaker for me - I might go back Balsamiq Mockup 2 before this thing got fixed or changed, despite those newly excited features come with version 3.

Since I’ve edit / create UI mockup / workflow using balsamiq mockup almost exclusively, copy/paste some components across different mockups is very common for me (where clone mockup won’t fit my needs).

However, I have to check the position of those newly pasted component (since they may or may not stay at the same position as the source ) after every pasted action been done with version 3, and I am start getting irritated with it. ( Microsoft Visio 2010/2013 already give me enough headache with similar issue, alongside with it’s annoying alignment issue, and that’s one of the reason I tend to use balsamiq / axure these days ).

I suspect the root cause is that right now, cross-mockup copy/paste become so much unpredictable. Yes, sometimes it work (copy to the exact position to new mockup), but sometimes it won’t.

Since this is a new issue on version 3 (I almost never experience similar issue using simply copy/paste across mockup on version 2, despite “paste in place” feature existed long before version 3), if you could, either correct it (find the root cause), or make every cross-document pasting function as “paste in position”.

At the mean time, I will convert all my newly create project file back to bmml and go back to version 2.

P.S. Sometimes I have almost identical mockup (actually, clone from another), then create a new UI on one of them (within original UI’s area), then copy / paste to another mockup - and I got it pasted to different position.


Hey @samho, sorry for the hassle! I looked back, and we indeed had some trouble with copy and paste not going where it was supposed to in earlier beta versions, but as far as we know, and from our testing, it’s working great in the released version. Could you make sure that you are on the latest version?

Just in case you decide you really do need to abandon ship, the easiest way to do this is Project > Export > Project to BMMLs Zip. In one click, you’ll have your project ready to edit with version 2. Cheers!


Pretty much sure I’ve encounter those issues with stable release, not beta version.

I’ll try to record the moment with BB flashback whenever I’m available, but I can easily reproduce this issue myself. ( although it’s not 100% time…)

In regard to my running B3 version - here’s what I got from about dialog

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.0.3 - 03/11/2015 10:31
Flash Player Version: WIN 17,0,0,128


Thanks for the additional info. We’ll keep our eyes open and try and find this issue and get it fixed. If you’re able to record something, that would be great too. Thanks again!


Ok, I’ve done the recording (via Blueberry Flashback Express)

I can almost always reproduce this bug with following order:

  1. Create a New Project
  2. Drag a Field Tab (group block) and a button to the first Mockup
  3. Clone the 1st Mockup
  4. Drag a color picker to 1st Mockup
  5. Paste the color picker to 2nd Mockup ( the color picker is in the right position)
  6. Create a new Mockup
  7. Copy/paste the Button from 1st Mockup to 3rd Mockup ( it is still in the right position)
  8. Copy/paste the color picker from 1st Mockup to 3rd Mockup ( this time the paste of color picker didn’t maintain the position)
  9. Copy/paste the Field Set from 1st Mockup to 3rd Mockup ( the paste of field set go shifted even further )


Thank you for the steps. We managed to reproduce the issue. The app adds an offset…

We’ll look into it.

As workaround you can use the “Paste in place” command.
The shortcut is:
Win: Ctrl + Shift + V
Mac: CMD + Shift + V


Hi everybody,

We managed to squish this annoying bug in the 3.1.3 release. You can get the latest version here:

Here are the complete release notes:


I’ve noticed that even paste in place scrolls my mockups in the latest B3 release. This time I think it’s due to importing assets (I think?). If assets get imported, the lower right hand corner of my mockup becomes the center.