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Data Grid background should be transparent and show no lines when borders are off


I use Data Grid extensively for form layout and other things. I’d like its background to be transparent so I can overlay it more easily. Also, in Balsamiq Cloud, when I have all borders and grid lines turned off, there is still a faint line at the bottom (this didn’t exist in Balsamiq Desktop when I used it previously.).


Oh, I’m on a Mac with High Sierra and on Chrome. It also appears on Safari.


Hi Jarrett

Thanks so much for the post.

I believe what you are seeing is a row or two of pixels from the next row in the grid. You’ll see what I mean clearly if you check out the attached image line.jpg.

So you can easily solve the problem - for data grids with a single row - by setting the ‘Alternate Rows Color’ to the same color as the ‘Background Color’ or just adjust the height of the control slightly smaller.

Alternately, if it makes more sense to use a different control (e.g. ‘Label’ or ‘Text’) when you have a single line of text, you could do that too?

Does that make sense and does it work for you?

All the best



Ah, yes! Shoot… I thought I had set the alternate color. Thanks!

The other text controls are great, but using a data grid makes layout of “label/value” pairs and columns of links, etc WAY easier.

Would still like to have the choice of a transparent/no background.


Hey Jarret

Thank you. I’ve logged the request for that control to have more background control.

All the best