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Data Grid Bug and Suggestions


This annotated screenshot says it all:

…and this is what I envision it to look like (as the default):


Hi, @Larry_Azevedo. Some of those issues might be a limitation of the Flex control, but there is indeed a bug that we have to fix with regard to those black boxes in the right, and the panel being too tall.

I’ll add feature stories for transparent fill, which I also want to see us add. We also have an additional story that we’re considering, which is to use the regular color picker here rather than this limited version.

Thanks again for the feedback. We’ll get some of the bugs fixed and see if the selection border color can be altered.


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind the regular color picker in there. Thanks a lot Mike.


If you guys make another color picker, please make sure it’s easy to use and has some pre-defined colours that are easy to use and revert to on a regular basis. It’s a pain in the neck when you have too many options :slight_smile: Since Balsamiq is meant for uber-fast prototyping.


I agree on keeping it simple but the transparent option is something I think many would appreciate.


The option we’re discussing is to use the full color picker that is used elsewhere by other controls in the app, the Rectangle is a good example. We wouldn’t add other colors to that palette.


Right Mike, that’s what I assumed you guys would do. But again, I think having a transparent swatch on some controls (maybe all) would be great.


Yes, totally agree. That’s on the board for us to discuss as well. :wink:


Could we also have a chance to choose the color for the header row? :blush: