Data grid checkbox action


I can’t find in the documentation how to allow the user to click a checkbox within the data grid and have that action show the checkbox as selected “x”. I know how to pre-select the checkbox but I want the user to take the action themselves. Any hints?


Hi Christi, this is not possible in Balsamiq as it is like a digital representation of paper mockups - not a prototyping tool with layer based interaction (like Axure, Framer, …).

What you can do is duplicate your page and select the checkbox in one page and link those two pages, so the interaction becomes clearer.
IMHO this is not necessary for simple “checkbox activating” interaction :slight_smile:


Hi @Christi_McGinley,

As @heringsfilet mentioned, the Linking feature would be the way to demonstrate this if needed. More details on this page.

In case you need more interaction than what we offer, this page may help to find the tool that fits your needs the best.

Wishing you a great holiday season! :christmas_tree:


Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I’m sorry for my delay. This solution is, in fact, what I ended up doing. I’m glad to know I did it correctly.

Thanks again!


Thank you! I think that’s what I ended up doing. I appreciate confirmation of that approach!


Whilst Balsamiq is not a prototyping tool it would be helpful to have a small degree of interactivity to a subset of elements. Checkboxes, combo/select boxes and menus would be very helpful.


Most mockups we create are focused on the layout of individual pages BUT to walkthrough these layouts with stakeholders it is beneficial to show how they flow together. Often this involves things like:

  • Selecting a checkbox
  • Making a choice from a select box
  • Choosing an action from a menu

Creating separate mockups for these intermediate steps is the sort of busy work that could be obviated by Balsamiq. (Making it much better than paper.)

Note - Walkthroughs may be done in person or recorded in video.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @paulshoughton (and happy new year!)

While these actions can be very useful for some users indeed, they would require adding complexity to the app for everyone if we decided to implement them. It sounds like the Linking feature can achieve most (if not all) those needs so best of both worlds! :slight_smile: