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Data Grid Header Row Color


Please a background color picker icon for the data grid header row. See image.


Hey CMT!

I can totally see the use for this. I will add your comments to the feature tracker story we have for it. In the interim, here is a work around:

  1. Create a rectangle shape that is the same size as the header row.
  2. Set the rectangle’s opacity to 25%
  3. Set the Border Style to "Borderless
  4. Select a color

The result should be a header row with color.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this (and for the screenshot example!) This is definitely something that is on our radar :smile:

Let us know if there are any other things that would make working in Mockups easier!


Will this work to assign different colors to different rows without a pattern (alternating)?


Totally, @Karl. Because they are separate controls, you can customize the colors independently.

I saw your request for colors in the other thread too, and I have given that feedback to the team :).

Thanks for taking the time to post today. It really helps us figure out what folks are looking for!