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Data Grid Horizontal Scrollbar



I miss for our screen mockups when using the datagrid a horizontal scrollbar.
Is there a possibility that this will be added as a feature in some future release?

Manually adding a horizontal scrollbar does not always properly align with the separate data grid.

See screenshot:


Hey @Das!

I’m sorry about the trouble with this; it’s something that we are fixing in the next version of Mockups. You can try the pre-release version by heading to and grabbing the latest build. While it is very stable, it hasn’t been tested completely yet, so I wouldn’t use it on mission critical stuff long-term.

If you’d prefer to stick with the official released versions, you can disable snapping, and that should help line the bar up better. If you start dragging the bar, and then hold CTRL (on Windows) or CMD (on OS X), the smart snapping will be disabled, allowing you to line the bar up manually.

I’m sorry again for any frustration this is causing you, but it shouldn’t be a frustration for much longer! :slight_smile:


Hi @Brendan,

no frustration at all, I just like to help the tool evolve :smile:

As we are at the moment working together with a team on the mockups of screens (that I try to guide on having the same look and feel on the created Mockups), I’m not going to use the pre-release version and just continue using the official released versions.

The better the set of base templates, that I’m currently creating for this group, are, the less rework we have later on.

All features that I see (from the eyes of an end user) as beneficial to us, I’ll try to log anyway, so that at a certain point, they might just get available in one of the newer releases.

Thanks in advance


Totally understood, @Das!

Your feedback would be awesome. Thank you for taking the time to help us make Mockups better!

We are here if you need any help :slight_smile: