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Data grid - linking specific row to another slide


I have a data grid and one of the rows is selected.
I was trying to link the selection of that row to another slide to show that when you click that row, another window will open. I do not see an option in the property inspector to easily link the selected row to another slide.
The only way I can accomplish that (what I can think off) is by turning the text within the data grid into links (by appending text with ‘’ ). Once I did that, the link options where shown in the property inspector and I was able to link them to another slide.
Is this the only way to do this?

Thank you,

Hi Magdalena,

By default, the Data Grid supports links in the text using the Markdown-style tagging - it’s not possible to make a whole link a row using that method.

You can, however, create the effect you need by overlaying the row with another control - typically a ‘Rectangle’ with the Opacity set so that you don’t see it. You can then set a link for that control so that clicking on the invisible rectangle has the same effect.

It might be easier to see this working with an example so I’ve attached a demo project for you to look at.

DataGridRowLink.bmpr (83 KB)