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Data Grid Selections


In a data grid is it possible to actually make an entry a link so during demonstration, when this entry is clicked, a different mockup appears?



I was able to do this by taking one of the entries and enclosing it in brackets. You will then see these entries available under the Links sections of the Inspector.


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There are actually a couple ways you can do this.

The first is you can encapsulate the text you want to link with brackets (IE [this text is now linkable]) and that will allow you to assign a link to that text. More text info here:

If you would rather the entire row be a link, you can cheat by placing a transparent rectangle over that row, and then assigning a link to the rectangle. Here is an image demonstrating what I mean:

Let me know if that accomplishes what you are looking for, Michael.

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I already enclosed the text in brackets to display it as a linked entry. However, I neglected to review the Data Grid properties and missed the Links area and thus, the opportunity to assign an actual mockup to the displayed link.

Thanks Everyone.