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DataGrid Column Sizing

Hi There,

I am struggling with the datagrid sizing. I’ve read the documentation and watched the video found here:

I’ve got 6 columns. One of the columns I need to make about 1.5 x larger than the others. Is there a method of accomplishing this? (I’m doing this to hack in a DDL & a link) Can I specify each column as a percentage?

Thank you.

Hi Doug!

Absolutely. The Data Grid sizing control can take a little getting used to but, if you are just looking to create a grid with columns defined as percentages, it’s pretty straightforward.

Here’s a 6-column grid with five of the columns being 15% of the Grid width and a sixth column which is 25% (roughly 15 * 1.5):


And here is the Data Grid content I used to create the Grid - note the last line where the column widths are specified:


Hope that’s clear? I’ve also attached the BMPR to this post so you can check it out yourself. Get back to me with any questions.

Data Grid.bmpr (28 KB)