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DataGrid : Group Column


Hi everyone,

Can we group column in a DataGrid Header ?

For exemple :

HeaderA, HeaderB,HeaderC,

And the result of this with a DataGridView will be to have 2015 and 2016 under HeaderB but still in the header structure.

Can we do that ? :smile:


You can do this if you were to write “HeaderA \r2015, HeaderB \r2016” making use of the \r notation of new line.

Does that help or have I misunderstood?


Thanks for the assist @Dan, that was fast! :smile:

Please let us know if you look any anything different @Rhend, we’re here to help!



Thanks for the fast reply ! But sadly this not solve my problem. I give you my GridView “Code” to explain better :smile:

Rubriques, Taux salarial,Taux Patronal,Soumis CSG,Taux soumis CSG
AGFF /A,0.800,<à remplir>,1.200,<à remplir>,[x],0.850
AGFF /B,0.900,<à remplir>,1.300,<à remplir>,[]

Values 2015 and 2016 have to be under “Taux Salarial” AND “Taux Patronal” (Excuse my French :smiley:) in two separate column. It’s like making a HTML Table with a rowspan=2 for Taux Salarial and Taux Patronal



Ah I see. Unfortunately that isn’t possible. As someone who also uses the grid a lot of mock ups I would also support this feature as it is something that I currently have to just mock up a place holder table and then refer people to a more detailed Excel based mock up later.

@Virgin - it would be nice if there was a community facing feature tracking system where can request/search things easier. I have quite a lot of things that I would love the grid to be able to do in order for me to produce effective mock ups.


@Dan :

Ok, thanks for the reply. My workaround work for me it’s just not pretty ^^

Thanks !


Hi guys!

Thanks for detailing your need here @Rhend, I added your comments and vote for this in our internal tracker, so we can review it with the team. Every feature request is reviewed as we report them and always discuss it internally.

Thank you both for the feedback, that’s always a great help for us. Keep it coming!