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Datagrid selection doesn't work on single-row grids


Since Mockups doesn’t yet allow multiple selection in data grids, I have to use a workaround where I create a duplicate of the data grid with no headers and only the selected row. However, the selection doesn’t show up properly when you select the only row in a one-row grid. I have to create at least two rows of data (excluding the column width row) for selection to work, which makes things even harder when you want to show contiguous selection. Is this a known bug? I’m using Mockups 3.5.16 for Windows.


Hi @rshadian,

Thanks so much for the post.

I took a quick look at this and see what you mean. I am trying both and the selection works on a single row grid if there’s a header row. Can you confirm that your data grid has no header row?

Yours appears to be the sole report of the behavior - we’ve not seen it before.

Taking a step back, we’re in the process of completely rewriting new, native versions of the macOS and Windows desktop versions of Balsamiq and we’re closer to the end of that project now than the beginning. There are many reasons we decided to update the desktop apps, the main one being a need to remove our reliance on the underlying framework we were using - Adobe Air - to give us more control and to bring the desktop products into line with all the other versions of Balsamiq which are based on our new Wireframes engine.

I tested this same situation in Balsamiq Cloud and the new desktop app and it’s not an issue in those versions. So it’s a bit of a good-news-bad-news situation…

The bad news is that it’s unlikely this issue will be addressed in Mockups 3 for Desktop soon, if at all. I know that’s not a great answer but I don’t want to mislead.

The good news is that the problem is already fixed in other versions of Balsamiq, including the new desktop version. I understand that doesn’t help you with Mockups today but I wanted to note it, even though it’s not ideal.

Let’s talk about options… The first thing I’d mention is that you can work around this relatively easily by overlaying your single-row Data Grid control with a colored rectangle set to, say, 50% opacity to achieve the effect of selection. It’ll look like this:

If this is a control you need to use across multiple mockups, you can make it into a Symbol for more convenient use: Working with Symbols

Do you think that might be a useable workaround?

I’d also like to extend an offer to join the public beta test of the new desktop app - we’ve begun the test already and we’ll be rolling it out to more users over the coming weeks. If you’d like to me add you to the list, just say the word and I’ll take care of that.

Not the best answer I know but hopefully the workaround will work for you. Let me know if you have any other questions and let me know about the beta test, ok?


@alasdair Thank you for the reply. Yes, I don’t use a header row in my selection table because I am showing a selected row that is further down in the list. The semi-transparent rectangle approach doesn’t work for me, because I am trying to follow a visual style guide that specifies a darker selection color.

I’d be happy to take part in the beta testing. Would the beta app be compatible with projects built in the existing desktop app (and vice versa), or should it only be used for new projects?


Hello again,

The beta is compatible with BMPR projects created with Mockups 3 for Desktop. Initially, the new desktop app is linked to Balsamiq Cloud and uses that for project storage but local storage (i.e. opening and saving projects on the local hard disk) will be implemented later of course. And, of course, we can set you up with a free trial of Cloud for testing.

Are you using macOS or Windows (or both)?


Windows only.


Got it! I have added you to the list.