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Default font size


Recently I have been changing the font size of most items from 13pt to 11pt when designing new screens (not always retrospective) in a large project.

Growing weary of doing this I’ve jumped to the project options and changed the font to size 11, hoping that it would only be used as a default setting for new objects.

Instead the app has hung 60% through an Initializing modal screen, requiring me to force termination of the app and come back to find half of my specs looking odd with reduced font size (unwanted).

Can we please manage default settings for future designs instead of messing with existing ones in bulk (as an option)?


Hi @Ryan and sorry for the snag.

Was it a one-time issue or did it occur again? Have you tried to use the option in another project?

Changing any option from the Project Info Panel should be be kept when starting a new project too since the settings are saved to the local store folder on your machine.

I think that you may be using the latest version (3.5.8) already but if not, here’s the page to download it.

Please let us know if this occurs again and we’ll do our best to help!


Hi @Virgin

Any time a popup box appears in order to process changes on all mockups, it is very likely to hang, so I am keen to avoid them all since they typically are doing something unwanted anyway. I am on 3.5.8.



We totally hear you, Ryan! The good news is that the next major version will be much faster and should help to avoid this kind of “hanging” issues, especially with bigger projects.

We’ll keep an eye on it!