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Default icon colour (wireframe skin) is grey but interface thinks its black


When I add a new icon to a mockup it shows as grey.

Selecting the icon and opening the colour palette indicates that it is black.

To change the colour to black I need to switch to a different colour and then back to black again. Screenshot below encapsulated the problem:

Possible solutions:

  1. Make the default colour for the icon black.
  2. Make the colour palette recognise that the icon is grey and not black.

EDIT: I should note that I am using the wireframe skin.


We’re aware of this one. It’s a quirk with the Wireframe skin that’s existed since we released the wireframe skin, but we haven’t made the change. We make the icons gray by default, but the color picker doesn’t update until you make a change to it. I’ll see if we can get to it now.


That would be great. :smile:


Yeah - I may have logged that early bug. It’s mainly a problem when you want the icon to be black. You have to select a color (any other color) and then reselect black to get the icon color to change.

For now I just try to remember to copy another already black icon and then change the icon itself, rather than create a new icon and have to change the color. I’ll be excited when this gets fixed since I normally want my icons black.