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Default icon set should include a filled heart


Heart/Spade/Club/Diamond make great placeholders. Not having a filled one is a little annoying.


I have a feeling that you are either on a very old beta version, or else not on the beta version at all. We have changed our icon set to use the Font Awesome icons in the beta. You can learn more about the beta here:

As of now, this forum is decided to supporting the new version, although that’s not to say that we won’t help. :slight_smile: Just know that as you read around, or if people try to help you, as our awesome community often does, their answers are going to be for the beta.

Moving forward, we are going to direct people to Font Awesome for icon suggestions. We are going to stay up to late with their icon set, so the best way to get new icons in our app is to get them included in Font Awesome. Also, that way, the whole internet benefits. :slight_smile: Here are the instructions for requesting new icons: Thanks!