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Delete a mockup


how can i delete a few empty mockups i created by accident (cloning previously made mockup)? the panel on the right shows inactive Rename…, Delete…, Clone commands, which are still available for the original mockup i created.
please see the atachment for details. thanks!


Hey @Janis_Freimanis!

Sorry for the confusion on this.

I believe the reason you are seeing this is because you haven’t yet saved the changes to your project. The editor sees them, but the server doesn’t.

The easiest way to discard them is to click on the “Close” button, uncheck the cloned mockups (but leaving any mockup you want to save checked), and then click on “Save and Close.” That will discard the cloned mockups (and anything you unchecked) while saving the changes you made to your main mockups.

Please let me know if we can help you with anything else! :smile:


thanks for help @Brendan. you are right. everything seems to working fine now.