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Deleting older mockups versions from project history


Greetings all,
I need to permanently delete older versions of mockups from within the project history of that same project. I only see the option to “Restore the version” but nothing to delete it. I must have the ability to control how many versions are saved online. Thanks!


Hey @mcosta :slight_smile:

While this isn’t something you have the ability to do now, it’s something we can definitely talk about moving forward. We are prepping a big update to our web app and feature requests like this help us steer it.

Are you worried about your collaborators re-instating older versions of mockups?


So here’s the work around as suggested by Balsamiq. It may not be a super elegant solution, but it did help me accomplish what I needed to do, which was delete the project history. The whole thing took just a couple minutes really. Thanks!

  1. Download the project (the BMML) so that you have a local backup, and then delete the project from your myBalsamiq site.

  2. Once deleted, you can upload the zip file you just downloaded, and you will have a project that contains only the main mockups, none of the project history. All your main (or most recent) mockups will still be editable as usual.


Thanks for the followup @mcosta. I’m glad that worked out for you. :slight_smile:

These are the relevant help docs: