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Deleting Quick Add Symbols & Icon Changes


Is there a way to quickly delete a symbol I’ve added via the quick-add?

I keep adding the wrong symbol and trying to forward-delete to remove it from the page. I do this a lot and delete never works. When I quick-add the wrong symbol, I have to use my mouse and click on the item (often something small and half hidden on top of a dark top menu) to select it again before delete/backspace works.

Secondly I want to hit “enter” to open the symbol library after a quick-add.

Hitting “enter” allows me to edit text symbols and I use this feature constantly. This lets me add the symbol, change the words before leaving the keyboard and picking up my mouse to move the symbol to the correct spot on the page. I would love to use “enter” to open the icon library on icon symbols since I often type “+icon” to get an icon on the page rather than remember which “angle/carrot/chevron/double-angle down” icon is the one I need today. Opening the library with enter on any icon would let me switch between them easily too if all I did was add the wrong one…


I just got done chatting with the team about these, and here is what I discovered:

  1. You can hit escape after adding something from the quick add field. That will select the control you’ve most recently placed. (I didn’t know this either.)
  2. This sounds like a bug unless you are talking about editing the symbol source. Enter should allow you to edit the symbol on the canvas. We will get this fixed.
  3. This is a story that has been around for a while. It’s something that feels right, so I will give them a nudge about it!

Hope your week is going well, my friend. Thanks for your great ideas :slight_smile:


Awesome - escape does work to let me get out of the quick add box and delete. That is excellent.

For 2 I should have said “icon library” not symbol library - so it’s the same idea as point 3. You nudge tech, and we’ll see where the story goes about getting into to the icon library with “enter.”