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Detailed Project Information


Wondering is it possible to have some populated details in the Project Information, such as number of Mockups within the project, and maybe how many assets and symbols are in the project (and how many are in use?)


We don’t have such a feature right now. Can I ask you for more details on what makes you want this? What problem would this solve?


Having something simple like the number of mockups in a project would be useful. Previously in Balsamiq 2, if I had a big project, that I knew would contain 100 screens, I (well, Windows) simply counted how many individual mockup files were in a folder. Now I need to manually count each mockup within the navigator list. A simple count might be useful, as well as an Export list of mockups used in a project to a txt file (which I could open in Excel) as a simple reference point also.


Why do you need to count the number of mockups in a project? Just trying to understand.

In the meantime…you mention you now have to count them in the list. Maybe try switching to Grid view, it might be easier (you can count rows and columns).


A number of reasons really - to make sure that I’ve actually created all the Mockups that I know are in my project outline plan before starting them in Balsamiq, or to tell my boss how many screens a particular project involves if I haven’t created an outline and just pulling various screens together (he thinks in screens, if there’s X amount of screens in the project then we can bill Y amount per screen - of course that doesn’t really take into account the work involved)


I see. We could add it as a thumbnail for the “Mockups”, “Assets” and “Symbols” labels in the navigator…I’ll add it to our TODO. In the meantime, I hope my workaround of using the grid to count helps a little! :slight_smile:


Yeah, that workaround did help. Never even considered changing to Grid View. Makes it easier to count alright


Another option would be to just add a macro with the following format







I like this. You know what other macro I’d like? {mockup-alternate} to show the name of the alternate.