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Disabling button bar sections


I use the button bar quite a bit and now, I need to show certain buttons as disabled. I’ve utilize the ability to show which button is selected but, since what I’m creating is supposed to be a mock up of an actual screen, I also need to show that other buttons are disabled to prevent a user from going somewhere else before completing the task at hand.

How can I do this?



How are you, sir? It’s good to see you again :smile:

While there isn’t a way to set a button as disabled in the button bar control, we can use the trick we have used a couple times now, and put a partially transparent rectangle over the disabled button.

You are going to want to make the rectangle borderless, white, and with an opacity of 75%. Take that, and lay it over the button you want to appear disabled.

That will result in a button bar that looks like this:

Let me know if that is close to what you were looking for Michael.

Thanks for always having good questions. I love being able to send other users to our threads when run into the same questions you do. So keep them coming! :slight_smile:


Righty-o Brendan on both accounts; that will solve my current issue and I’ll keep the questions coming.