Do Scrollbars work on Fields?

I am wireframing an Android App.
I am using the accordion to set groups of fields to fill in a form (app based), and I would like to fit all the fields using the scrollbar in a given page
Still, the Scrollbar allows you to set it in a certain position, but you cannot alter the size of the area and move up and down with the scrollbar.
Am I missing something or this cannot be done?
(see below)
A good example would be this entry. If your screen has a normal size, you would have to move the scrollbar to read this sentence
Thanks in advance for any help/indication

Hi @Al_H,

Thanks for the post and for the great question.

It’s not possible to hide/show/expand/contract/move data on the wireframe canvas according to the state of the scrollbar control. Wireframes created with Balsamiq are a little more static than that. While we do offer some interactivity features, it might help to read some background on why interaction is very limited in Balsamiq Wireframes. See: Why We Aren’t Doing Deep Interaction in Mockups

It might also help to read this helpful document on where we see ourselves in the spectrum of UI/UX tools: How Does Balsamiq Compare to Other UI/UX Tools?

Do you want to check those out and get back to me with any questions arising?

Perfectly clear logic, thanks for the response.
In this case, my main objective was not really prototyping, but just to have an idea of how long the pages can be (how long the scroll), before user may have the feeling that they are “lost”

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