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Do you show results for each combo box option?

When creating a mockup for a combo box/drop down/list box, do you create a screen for the result of each option of the combo box?

What exactly do you mean?

Show all possible options in a dropdown menu?
I don’t think that is necessary every time, I sometimes add a note with all possible options.

Show all changes when selecting a specific option in a dropdown?
Yes I would definitely do that. (switching the different options on click of the dropdown showing the given corresponding wireframe)

I was going to answer, but @heringsfilet swooped in before I got a chance. :slight_smile:

@heringsfilet cc @Brendan


I meant showing what happens when selecting a specific option. I am wondering if it is too much to show UI. Would it be better to just write what happens?

I have five options in my drop down. Do I create 5 mockups with the 5 options. Depending on the selection, I want to show what happens in another application. That means another 5 mockups. I know I can duplicate. However, just wondering if it is too much.

(I am new to this.)

You are welcome.

I would say it depends :stuck_out_tongue:

If you work with developers and the wireframes are part of your user stories you can stick to notes if it is self-explanatory. Otherwise I would add the UI for all options.
To me wireframes are not only a way to show ideas or concepts but more important they are part of the communication. As it is incredible fast and easy to create wireframes with Balsamiq I would invest some more time to create the UI.

If you are trying to show your idea to a stakeholder or customer: build the UI. It will become tangible and less abstract and it’s worth the time.

You can duplicate and you can also use the symbols feature so you do not have to change something in 5 wireframes. Of course it would be great to have symbolception (nested symbols, see also +1 Feature request for nested symbols!)