Balsamiq Community Discussion

Does Anyone actually work at this company?


Why is it that everytime I call tech support or sales I get a voicemail?

PS. Please change your music, I don’t like being “rickrolled” when I need help!


I’m so sorry, Silvio.

We got your voicemail (and I believe Peldi has written you). We didn’t get in touch right away because we were in the middle of the EU/US changing of the guard, and had to get a hold of Gozzi. Unfortunately, the issues you are having are a little above the tech support team’s head, which is why Gozzi is helping you personally.

The last thing we want is to give you the impression that we aren’t here to support you. We just wanted to make sure we had the right answer before getting back to you.


Whatever, just change your music


After your experience, it’s definitely something we are talking about.

I’m sorry again, my friend.


I never called but the support in slack and this forum is awesome. Quick and good…