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Does Balsamiq allow to write greek letters?

I would like to write in my balsamiq the greek letter “delta”. Is it possible?
I cannot write it in this message…
My apologies if this question has already been raised and answered.

Hey @ygenevier!

As long as you select Open Sans as your Project Font, Greek lettering should work.

Let us know if it doesn’t, or if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

Hi Brendan,
Thanks +++!
I am happy to know that there is a way to write greek letters.
I have not been able to find the “Project Font”, yet (I have Balsamiq 3).
I continue to search.
Best regards,

Oh sorry about that, @ygenevier. I linked you to the Balsamiq Cloud documentation.

The project font is in the Project Info Panel. Here is the desktop documentation for that.

You can use the keyboard shortcut to open it with CTRL/CMD + ,

Thanks, Brendan !
I found the Project Font. Mine is Balsamiq sans, as expected.
I tried to find the Open Sans in the list. I did not.

Is there another name for this font ?

On desktop, you can use any font you would like. So if you have a font installed on your system that supports greek letters, you can use that.

You would only need Open Sans if you use the web version of the app.

Sorry for the confusion there, my friend.

Thanks a lot!
I learned something today.
All the best.

Hi Brendan,
To let you know that I found the Police that includes the greek letter “delta”. It is “American Typewriter”.
Ant… it worked.
Thanks +++ !

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