Does BMPR file contain comments/discussion?

I recently started using Balsamiq Cloud but I have already hit my project limit. I saw a support article suggesting that I archive old projects by exporting a BMPR file, then deleting the project from my space.

However, I suspect that the BMPR file doesn’t contain (1) project settings such as users and permissions or (2) comments / discussion from the Cloud platform.

Does the BMPR file contain that data, or would I lose the whole discussion thread if I export, delete and import the project? Thanks.

This is a great question, @klawry.

Comments do get saved to the bmpr file. The only sticking point with that comments are only available on our modern web-apps right now. Comments won’t come to our desktop apps until next year (but they are coming).

You are right about permissions, however. Those are Cloud specific, so they don’t get saved to the BMPR file. I’m sorry about that.

Let me know if you have any questions, my friend.

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Thanks for your prompt answer @Brendan. I appreciate it.

My biggest concern was losing the discussion thread since it’s a form of documentation and shows change requests from the customer. The loss of the user list and permissions isn’t a big concern as long as the comments still show the name of the users who added them.

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It absolutely, should.

If you want to send me the file, I can upload it to my private space, and then invite you to look it over.

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Thanks for the offer @Brendan. Unfortunately I can’t share it due to a non-disclosure agreement with the client. It would be great to see what it looks like to ensure that the comments are still associated with a name, but since I’ve run out of available projects I will probably have to take the plunge and see what I get. Again, I appreciate your help.

Sounds good, Kevin. I wouldn’t worry about it, it is really good about preserving conversations.

Of course, if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to let us know. :slight_smile:

Hey @klawry,

BMPR is actually SQLite DB file, you can open it in any SQLite browser (desktop or online) and look at the data there.

I’ve opened my BMPR, which was downloaded from Cloud. There is a COMMENT table, look at the image below. You can browse the data, but not sure if changing it is safe.

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That’s awesome, @Alexey_Kolchenko. Thanks for sharing.