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Does old installer stops working

Trying to test the upgrade by installing older version 3.5.15 and the application does show in ARP entry or in programes.

Hey Pranitha,

The old installer shouldn’t stop working, so maybe something is blocking it.

I sent you the link in your email, but I will post it here too: this is the bundled version of 3.5.15 which needs only be unzipped before you can use it - no install required.

Try that and see if it works better. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thanks for sharing,

I am trying to right click and save it and it doesn’t work.

PFA the screenshot.


Could you please help here.



Seems like something on your network is blocking the download, @pranitha_evana.

Are you on a managed environment like Microsoft Active Directory? If so, you may have to talk to an admin in order to download the file.

I have admin access and I am testing the upgrade process to deploy in users machine.

However, I see that Adobe Air is installed already in the machine, But it still gives a pop up as below

Ahh, yeah, then that’s the issue @pranitha_evana. Seems your computer is blocked from running Adobe Air. If you’re using the bundled version of the app, Adobe Air is packaged inside the app itself, so it doesn’t even need to be installed.

As we can see that Air has been installed, that error indicates that the air package is being blocked from running.

Thanks for the help.


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