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Download DMG appears empty; can't update/install


Trying to update my OSX desktop version of Mockups 3; am running Sierra 10.12.3

That is, the DMG for both the current version and the preview appears to be blank with nothing to grab and move, despite showing a file size of around 16mb.


Looks like I can go back to 3.5.7 to get a successful build.

Archived builds are available here… just in case you were looking:


You can also try a preview release:

I never had any problems with those releases, even though they are not recommended for “mission-critical work” :slight_smile:


Hi @modius and sorry for the hassle with the latest version. What a weird bug!

Could you please try to update from this link instead?

Please let us know if the issue persists, we’ll do our best to help!