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Drag & Drop not working, unable to drag Elements and unable to rearrange mock-ups within a project


Hi, long-time Balsamiq user (with a different acc by my old employer). New computer (mac) here and wanted to work with Balsamiq again, but I can’t: I have to double click instead of drag&drop the elements from the UI library. That’s wouldn’t be an overkill to stop using the product. But I CANT REARRANGE THE MOCKUPS! Pls tell me quick if this is just a bug that is going to be gone soon or if something weird is going on with UI here, cause I won’t use Balsamiq any longer if I’m unable to rearrange the mockups.



Hey @alexej,

Sorry for the snag, my friend.

This bug came along when Mac released their new OS (Sierra) but we got this fixed in the latest version (3.5.5) that is available here.

Could you please confirm that it solves the issue for you too?

We want to make sure that the tool works fine on your end. :slight_smile:


thx for the quick reply @Virgin . turned out there was already a balsamiq version on this mac and it was an outdated one… now that i downloaded from your link, it works just fine (yay!!!).

(you can close the topic if you like)