Drag to select when hovering over "background" objects


One thing that bothers me often when using Mockups 3 is that dragging to select multiple objects is not easy if your mouse starts over an existing object.

For example, if I have three objects sitting on top of the “Browser” container object, and I want to select just the three objects by dragging a dashed box with the mouse, I have to start outside of the “Browser” object, otherwise Mockups will assume I want to drag the browser object.

I couldn’t find a keyboard shortcut in the list that would tell Mockups to ignore dragging objects in favour of drag-to-select instead. Could one be added?

(I realise that I can use Ctrl + Click to select multiple objects in a row and avoid dragging, but if the objects are small and fiddly, this is often a lot of clicking!)

[Bug] Drag to select when hovering over “background” objects not working in Chrome with Mockups for Drive

I too have had issues with selecting specific objects. I’m not sure if this would help in this particular situation, but my suggestion would be to lock the “browser” object so it is not selected. This way you could select the other objects without affecting the “browser” object. Check out the lock control feature here.

Another option would be to group objects, especially the small tedious ones so you can select groups of objects to drag/change. Hope this helped.



Lock does what I was after, mostly, although it’s not ideal: It might be that I’d like to move the “background” object/container at some point in the near future, just not at this exact moment. For that sort of situation, locking individual objects is not ideal because you need to remember/be reminded to unlock them again.

Really what I’m after is a toggle that can change the behaviour of dragging the mouse, since currently it does two different things depending on where the mouse starts.


Hi @ahobday,

You can actually select only the ‘overlaying controls’ by clicking on ALT before starting to drag the dashed box around them (even if you start it inside the browser control). You only need to make sure that you don’t have any element selected before performing this action, otherwise it would trigger the “Clone selection” keyboard shortcut.

Hope this will work for you, please let us know if you need any further assistance with this.

Thanks for the assist @russ, locking could have been a useful one in that case too.


Fantastic! Thank you Virgin. My original post was going to ask if there was a keyboard shortcut already, but then I realised that I could just read the online reference for keyboard shortcuts.

However, I read through that and it didn’t seem to mention this feature. Could you update the keyboard shortcut reference?


Totally, @ahobday. We actually just updated it, but we missed a couple of things.

We will be making another pass at it soon. Sorry about that!


Thanks @Virgin for pointing that one out. I had not run across that keyboard shortcut before. Definitely makes selecting a lot easier.


Thanks @Virgin :slight_smile: