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Dragging objects is different with SHIFT and OPTION pressed



If I want to move an object and constrain it to the same X or Y position, I can hold the SHIFT key. If I want to duplicate the object, I hold the OPTION key.

In both cases, I have to click to select the object first. But then they work differently. I can’t press the SHIFT key until after I start dragging the object. On the other hand, to duplicate it, I must press OPTION before I start dragging. That confuses me.

If all I want to do is move the object, I can click the mouse button and move the mouse at the same time. I often try to press the OPTION or SHIFT buttons at the same time that I start dragging, and nothing happens other than creating a selection rectangle.

I’m sure that this works different in other applications, though I’d have to go and investigate to be sure.


Can totally see why this would be confusing @hshubin, and I’m sorry about that.

Adobe Air/Flex can be finicky when it comes to clicking versus dragging commands, but I’ll see if we can do better here. Otherwise it may have to wait until we ship our native app. I know it can be weird because it has tripped me up too.

Thanks for continuing to post stuff like this, Hal. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about how we can make Mockups better. Keep the ideas and fixes coming :slight_smile: