Drop down selection

I need to create a dropdown box with a title and an arrow, when I select the dropdown arrow, the subtitles show and I can then select a new option from the drop-down list. I tried using the combo box but it’s different from what I’m looking for. Is this possible in Balsamiq?

Thank you

Hi @Mufida123 ,

As a low-fidelity wireframing tool, we’re deliberately light on interaction features.

But you can get close to what you are describing by linking wireframes together.

In short, you’re create a ‘before’ wireframe with, say, a ComboBox control and an ‘after’ wireframe with the ComboBox control expanded. You’d then link the ‘after’ wireframe from the ComboBox in the ‘before’ wireframe.

It’s not ideal and it can get a little complex for example, if as you describe, you need to then link to other pages from the ‘after’ wireframe. For more discussion see:
Interactive combobox

If you need more interactive elements and this approach is not a good fit for you, it’s possible that you need features which go beyond a wireframing tool and into a more traditional prototyping tool.

Any questions, we’re here and happy to help.