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Duplicate symbol groups


For some reason, I have started to see duplicate symbol groups in my project.

it IS the same symbol, not just a duplicate, because a modification on one will be shown in the other.

I have updated to 3.5.7 today, same issue. Sometimes the display of the groups will be strange, like stranded text in the middle of the list etc.

Is this just my file gone bad or a general thing ?


Hi again @hsatech,

Sorry for the snag. Looks like a weird one!

Quick question: did you move some data from one project file to another one?
We’re wondering if this may have caused the duplicate issue.

On the other hand, the rendering issue may be caused by the complexity of the project and number of symbols used there but we’d love to have a closer look.

Is it possible for you to share the project file via
We will keep your data strictly confidential and see if we can help to fix the file for you.

Sorry again for the trouble, we’ll do our best to help!