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Duplicating a project


Lets say I have a very extensive project that looks and acts very much like an actual Web site (buttons all work and grid lines link to other Mockups) and I want to clone the entire project so I can make a simpler, temporary version of it, to satisfy an individual’s request.

Can I do this quickly and efficiently somehow?

I looked through the available options and I’m not too sure if I can, or what would happen utilizing some of the options.



Hey Michael :slight_smile:

I think, if I were in your shoes, I would bypass trying to duplicate the project from within Mockups 3 and just duplicate the actual BMPR file. That way I would have a fully separate version of the project, and could modify it without worrying about changing anything in my main project.

The easiest way to do that would be to goto Project > Save As and save it under a new name. You can keep track of what file you are working on by checking the title bar.

Let me know if that works for you, Michael.


Well, well, well, "et tu, brute?’’ lol…

I’ve been told that I over-complicate things and now, you proved that.
I was over-thinking it and you pointed out the simplest, easiest way possible.

Thanks again,

PS: when I “save as” to a new project, all the symbols, trash items, everything gets copied along with the save, right?


We wont mention that I sat there for 10 minutes thinking of a way you would do it in app…

And yes, everything comes with. Something to keep in mind: After you “Save As”, you will be working on the new project file, not the master file.


We have a problem!

I did as you outlined above to create a new project and after fixing the heading symbol and making minor adjustments to some of the Mockups, I got an error message that said:

Saving Error

The file is read only, changes not saved.

Don’t worry, your project data is still available, just save the project to a new file to continue.

Save Project As… Ignore This Message

Now what?


Yikes, that’s always a fun error to get.

Are you saving to a networked drive or folder? It sounds like either someone else is using the file there, or it’s locked by the syncing software.

Try saving the file locally for now.


I took the option to Save As to ANOTHER project. I’m already working locally.
Now, can I copy the new version back to the one I was working on or should I consider that one corrupt and just go forward with the new?



It shouldn’t be corrupt, Michael (and if it is, I definitely want to figure out what happened.)

Open it up and see if is all there. It may be missing a couple things because of that momentary block, but it shouldn’t be corrupt.

Let me know!