Dynamic link to a button based on a value in a text box

I have one question - I have a text box and if the value in the textbox I enter is ‘1’ then if I click a button Say ('Search;) then I should see MOCKup1.
if in the same text box I input the value as ‘2’ then if I click again the same button (‘Search’) then it should other Mockup screens say ‘Mockup2’

Can anybody help how to achieve this in Balsamiq wireframes?
Thanks in Advance

Hey @Prashant_Pandya,

Really great question. Unfortunately, I think you’re asking a little too much of our app with this interaction. It sounds more like you need a prototyping app rather than a wireframing one. Our app functions more like pen and paper - static wireframes - so you’re not able to interact with them any more than you would a drawing of a website.

For a test like this, I would either draw/describe how the interaction works or move to a more prototype-focused application like Figma or Axure.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help here, my friend. Please let me know if you have any questions.