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Dynamic Lists, Instances of Elements, Chart Tool, Integration with Marvel Pop



maybe it was already said here, then please excuse, but can you please add:

  • Dynamic lists where we can add columns and let data flow in easily (securities, product data, components etc.), so that not every element has to be positioned individually and changes can be made quickly

-Instances of elements, such as buttons, navigation, modules etc. that can be changed in one place centrally and will then automatically be adjusted on all other pages, to increase speed of adjustments

  • Charts tool, to more easily draft state of the art charts and graphs based on data, not design frickling

  • Integrate with prototyping tools such as Marvel Pop, to produce rough prototypes and click dummies quickly and publish on web, iPhone etc.

Thank you. I am hearing always all the above being advantages of working with Axure and Co, but I don’t want to work with ugly and complicated software, because that in return only produces ugly and complicated software

Keep the good work up and update these features please - thank you


Hi @oduerr and thanks for reaching out.

  • Lists: some users have been requested this already so I’ll add your vote for this one. In the meantime, using this workaround is probably the easiest way.

  • Change elements in one place: this feature is already available in our tool, we call it Symbols. More details on this page.

  • Chart controls: this one has been requested in the past as well so I’ll add your vote for it as well.

  • Integrate with prototyping tools: we don’t plan on making such integrations for now. While our tool is meant to be a low-fidelity wireframing tool for now, you can create a simple prototype using our Linking feature.

I’m hoping these answers will help. As I mentioned, our tool is more of a starter tool so we always try to balance the number of features we add there because we want to keep it easy (and hopefully fun!) to use.

That being said, we consider every request and it’s usually followed by great discussions with the team so thanks again for taking the time to share your needs and thoughts today. :slight_smile: