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Edit mockup screen is showing garbled text on web - nothing readable


I shared balsamiq with a colleague. He logged in and when he went to use it and edit a mockup - the whole web screen changed to a completely new language. It looks like the Hindi script, but nothing makes sense. It is all garbled.

See this:

He had installed a lot of local langauge fonts a day earlier. Apparently instead of english one of the new fonts is being used to render the website.

Note that the mockups are still visible in english. All the balsamiq controls etc are visible in local langauge as garbled text

Wondering if anyone else has faced this issue. See attached screenshot.


Hi @Ashish_Poddar,

So sorry for the snag! Let’s see if we can fix this.

You mentioned that your colleague installed some local language fonts, is there any chance that he replaced those three (Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode and Verdana) in the process?

These are the fonts we use in the app so it sounds like the recent changes caused some trouble to those fonts.

Can you please check that they are still around, and if not, try to reinstall them?

Hope this helps! Please let us know if the issue persists via and we’ll dig deeper.