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Editable size of iPhone navigation bars?

Is it possible to edit the height of the navigation bars included with any of the phone components? I’ve got the latest version of Balsamiq and the navigation bars are much smaller than what I see in this demo:

I’d like to be able to fit a page title in there and navigation buttons. In the bottom bar, I’d like to be able to fit icons for navigation but the bottom is even smaller.

Thanks for any help/work arounds.

Hi @jfeaver and welcome to the forums!

While it’s not possible to change the size of the top and bottom bars of the iPhone control, you can still achieve the effect you need by overlaying a couple of Rectangle controls on top of the iPhone control. So it would look like this:

For convenience, you could group the controls and convert them into a Symbol for quick and easy reuse.

It’s an extra step but hopefully you can make that work?

p.s. The Rectangle controls in the example on the right above are color #828896 to match the built-in bars.