Editable text boxes in Presentation Mode


Hi there,

I am a newbie with Balsamiq Mockups 3. When I create a mockup using text boxes I am not able to enter a custom text when in Presentation mode. Is there any way I could work around this?
I would like to simulate entering a text in a search box and hitting a button so as to be able to simulate a search feature.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Duarte Abrantes


Hey @DuarteAbrantes!

This isn’t possible in our app. I’m sorry about that.

Mockups allows for minimal interaction because we focus more on the beginning phases of design, rather than the later prototyping phases. Low fidelity and quick (like pen and paper) is our goal. And, like pen and paper, you aren’t able to enter text in a text field unless you want it to be there permanently.

I hope that makes sense, my friend. Please let me know if you have any questions.


The workaround we use is:

  1. Create a second mockup (duplicate the original) with text in the input field.
  2. Use Links in the object properties panel to link from the input field in the first mockup to the second mockup.

This should allow you to click on the input box and “fake” the entering of text.

If there is no “Links” section for the element (e.g. input box) then you can Group a single element and link to that group as a workaround.

(I hope this makes sense.)