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Editing a specific symbol in v4 (Mac Desktop) switches to Symbols but doesn't open the specific symbol

I use a large number of symbols in my projects.

The mechanism to edit a specific symbol is partially broken.

Clicking the edit button in the below screenshot:

(OR Edit Symbol in the right hand panel)

Will take me to the Symbols view BUT it won’t select the symbol I asked to edit.

If I return to the Wireframes view and then click on Edit a second time it does select the right symbol in Symbols.

I think this only happens the first time I do this but it happens regularly when making small changes across a broad range of projects.

Is this happening in the new version, @paulshoughton?

Just upgraded to 4.0.26 and can verify the problem happens in that version too.

It seems to open the first page of symbols, rather than the specific page the symbol is on.

I have 20ish pages of symbols.

Would it be possible to share the project with us, @paulshoughton? I got it to happen once, but I think it may have been a fluke. I wonder if amount of symbols is the difference here.

If you can, shoot me an email and we will go from there.

Hi @Brendan,

I just sent an email to the support address with the BMPR file and two videos that illustrate the behaviour.

I find that this problem occurs with all my files because I build all mockups from a standard base project.

The problem only occurs the first time after opening a file. To recreate you need to close the file and then re-open.

Thanks, Paul…

Got it, Paul. Thank you!

As it turns out, @Florian_Brauer knew about this already (I should really just ask him every time someone finds a weird bug - chances are he knows about it).

Anyway, he didn’t have a reliable way to reproduce it until you sent us your file, so thank you. :slight_smile: We will get it fixed!