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Editing button bar -- changing active nav category?


Hi, I used the “button bar/tab bar” symbol in a mockup. The first button is highlighted. How do you change it so the first item is not highlighted and another of the buttons is? I’m using it as the global navigation bar, and the client is getting confused because my wireframes for different sections still show the first section highlighted in the mockup.



Hey, @sheila_walsh, nice to see you again. Hope things are going well!

To change the selection on a button bar, find the “Selection” property in the property inspector. You can use that to change which button is highlighted.

If that button bar is part of a symbol, you will need to double click onto the symbol so that you can “enter” it. Once in it, you will be able to change the button bar.

Let me know if that works for you, Sheila!


It worked, thanks for your help…much appreciated!