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Editing Text in UI Controls



I am using Balsamiq cloud since a week and was able to edit text in the UI controls. However, the tool is not allowing me to edit text by double-clicking now. I am still able to edit the text by hitting Enter or F2 but not by double-clicking. Can you let me know what’s the issue?


Hi @Anupriya_Basu

Thanks for the post. While some controls (e.g. ‘Icon and Label’) have more than one thing that can be edited meaning double-click to change the icon and to edit the text, regular text controls (e.g. ‘Text’ or ‘Title’) should be editable by either double-clicking or pressing .

So this is curious… Can you tell me the name(s) of the control(s) which is/are affected? Or do all controls with text appear to be affected?

I’d like to take a look directly at your project on Cloud if you’re ok with that? Can you let me know the name and I’ll open it up from this end and take a look? Also, would you let me know the browser you are using and the browser version?

Best regards



I’m not able to edit the text when I double-click. I’ve just started using Balsamiq. When I right click the menu gives me choices. I can transform the text, but I want to change the text from A Big Title to something else. I’m using a Chrome and the version is Version 62.0.3202.94



Hi @Joan_Margau

Thank you for the post. Are specific text controls affected or do all controls with text have the issue?

If I could take a look at your project directly, that would help. Can I go ahead and take a look - if you let me know the name, I can open it up from this end?




Hi @alasdair

I think this is for all controls as I am not able to change any text in a menu. It’s set to Batman etc. and I would like to change that to say About. Yes, the project name is Joan Learning Wireframe.

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Hi @Joan_Margau

Following up our off-line conversation, it looks like this is working correctly. To confirm, double-click is required to edit the text in a text control.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any other questions and happy wireframing!





Thank you for your help. Yes everything so far is working correctly. Still learning my way around Balsamiq, so far so good.



Have the same problem. What should i do to fix issue?


I’m sorry about that, @wilson. Are you unable to edit a text control at all - even when double-clicking?


Same for me. I am not able to change the text of a label by double-clicking on it.


Sorry about that, @Falk.

We’re still tracking this one down but in the meantime, does ENTER allows you to edit the control?


Yes, ENTER and F2 work fine. So a workaround is available.

BTW I am using Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 7.