Editing text of the first element in a group of two sometimes populates the edited text into the wrong element

This one is tough to explain in words so I’ve taken a quick recording:


Seems to happen where two elements are grouped together and the first one is edited, the new value is applied to the second element rather than the first.

Windows 10, Firefox 118.0.1, Balsamiq Cloud version Cloud-1542

Thanks for the report, @Krzysztof, and sorry for the trouble.

Would it be possible for you to share the related project file (.bmpr) via support@balsamiq.com?

We’d love to take a closer look at it.

File sent but, as I noted in the email, while it was easy to reproduce the behaviour yesterday, things seem to be behaving themselves today and I have not been able to recreate the issue this morning.

I’ll post an update if it starts happening again.

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Hey @Krzysztof,

Really sorry about this, my friend. Just so you know, the plan is to hotfix for this on Thursday.

Sorry again for any irritation this has caused you.

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Hotfix got pushed to next week. Best laid plans and all that. :slight_smile:

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