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Editing the text of a long label is not possible - only shows first NNN characters in Version 4

Editing the text for a long label is not possible in Version 4. Only the first NNN characters may be seen and edited.

For example, here is my label:

And here is the input field for it:

It is not possible to edit the text after the word “pending” in the above example.

This is a regression from Version 3.

Whilst a possible workaround is to use a Text component instead of a Label, they are not as elegant. I would have to manually size them to accommodate the text vertically and horizontally.

Yeah, we broke this on Mac @paulshoughton - I’m sorry about that.

It should be fixed in our April 29th release.

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Great news its going to be fixed soon. :slight_smile:

I can confirm the label editing error is fixed in version 4.0.26.

Thanks all at Balsamiq for getting this fixed. :slight_smile:

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