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Editing UI components: text being replaced instead of inserted


Hello, I’m rather new to Balsamiq, and been using it for about 4 days now. I like the desktop version a lot, but there is this very irritating bug which I feel is so unintuitive.

Any UI component I create, say for example a Text Input, and I double-click it to set some text. Now, if I want to edit it, I double-click again and then say I put my cursor to the start of the text and start typing. Instead of text being inserted at the cursor, it starts replacing my previous text.

So, to get around this, I have to copy the text, paste it in any other text editor, and then edit my text, and paste it back in Mockups. So painful :cry:


Oh my, that looks super annoying @kumarharsh. I’m sorry about that.

Are you using a full sized keyboard? I had something similar happen to me about six months ago, and we troubleshot it for hours before I released I had “insert” turned on on my keyboard.

If that’s not what is happening to you, would you mind shooting us an email at We definitely want to dig into this.


@Brendan - after restarting my computer, this seems to have been fixed. I strongly doubt it was due to the insert being on (on laptops, there is no indication of this, and the insert key is so hard to press (FN+PrintScreen) that I never thought I could press it :P), and surprisingly none of my text editors seem to be respecting the insert key (reverse-bug!!).

Anyways, this one is fixed now. Thanks for your time.