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El Capitan Compatibility

Save As for Projects and Export to PDF both failing using the El Capitan GM Candidate build. Help! Need a version that works!

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Hi @djethan,

Sorry for the snags.

Balsamiq Mockups 3 for desktop shouldn’t hit any of these snags in the current OS (OS X Yosemite). We will start using (and updating our little tool if needed) OS X El Capitan when the official release will come out, which should happen at the end of September.

In the meantime, I would suggest using the current OS from Apple by downgrading to Yosemite (e.g. Time Machine backup).

Hope this helps! Thanks for reporting this, we’ll keep an eye on it when El Capitan will be released. :wink:

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I have also experienced the ‘Save As’ and ‘Export to PDF’ errors in El Capitan.

Hey @dgifford and @djethan, when you have a moment, shoot us an email at

I’m wondering if some aspect of the El Cap upgrade messed up your license or trial. I’d love to get this fixed, or figure out if there isn’t something else at play.

Thanks, guys, and I’m really sorry for any hassle it’s causing you!

Hey all, sorry again for the trouble with El Capitan.

We have issued a hotfix that should resolve the Export and Save issues. You can grab it here:

Let us know if you continue to see problems!

I am facing issues on El Capitan. The app would not start.

I had version 3.2.2 installed which used to run well on Yosemite. Then I upgraded to El Capitan and since then, each time I try to open the Balsamiq app, it halts on the Balsamiq Mockups banner (with the progress bar). The app never opens.

In the hope that 3.2.3 version may have a fix for this, I upgraded to the latest version and I am still facing the same issue.

Need help!

I’m really sorry about that @Alok_Ojha.

Luckily, the fix is pretty easy!

It would be awesome (assuming it’s not too much trouble) if you could email your MockupsSettings.db to, because we’d love to take a look at it. We are trying to track down the source of this crash, and collecting that file would be a huge help.

Thanks Alok, and I’m really sorry again for any frustration this is causing you. Let us know if you continue to see problems.



Appreciate your quick response. I have submitted the files including log file.

That said, just removing the MockupsSettings.db file and start the app again DID NOT solve the issue. I took a step further, just to try out more options, and deleted everything under the “/Library/Preferences/BalsamiqMockups3.EDE15CF69E11F7F7D45B5430C7D37CC6C3545E3C.1/Local Store” folder and that seemed to resolve the issue. Just in case that gives you specific direction to finding root cause.


I know Virgin got back to you, @Alok_Ojha, but I just wanted to thank you again for sending your file in (and the additional information was super helpful.)

If anyone else is experiencing this bug, and wants to follow the steps here, sending us your MockupsSettings.db file would be super helpful. The more we have, the more commonalities we can search for :smile:

I’m sorry again for the trouble, but we’re glad everything is working again!

No worries. You guys have been great with quick responses! Thank you.