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Embedding a prototype in an Iframe

I would really love to put my balsamiq prototype in an iframe so that I can show it as part of my live web application (just client side using google dev tools - so not persisted or as an override). As a way to quickly demonstrate ideas or run user tests… I call this protoscripting :wink:

I have tried it out on my live website and you send me “Balsamiq refuses to connect” message

It would be such a flexible way to show new changes in context of the live product.
I have tried the same with Adobe XD and they send the same message.

Is there any reason for this?
Being able to embed protoypes would be so useful.

I can do it with static images of course but a quick way to create clickable ones would be great.
Here is a code pen I have been using to experiment:

P.s. Hi to Peldi - we interacting over the Balsamiq blog many years ago.

Hi @lisatlisatlisat and thanks for posting about this.

Our app doesn’t work inside an iframe for security reasons but we do plan to add Image Permalinks in the near future so I’m adding your vote for this request.

Sorry that I don’t have an immediate solution for you but it’s coming! :slight_smile:

Any questions, we’re here.

OK Well I now have work around.

Adobe XD does in fact allow me to embed iframe using embed code they provide with their public links. So I can copy my balsamiq images into XD and then link them up as required and embed the prototpe. So now I can have sketchy prototypes linked to my live website if I want to user test.

Thanks for adding the vote to permalinks interested in the image permalinks too.

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