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Enhancement: Ability to scroll via keyboard in full screen presentation mode


I’m really loving the new full screen presentation mode (now that the gigantic blue arrow can be turned off and I can toggle off comments).

One pain point I had over a day of usability testing was the fact that you have to use the mouse to scroll vertically for long pages. Page down goes to the next page, but users were thinking it would scroll. Then we thought perhaps the up and down arrows would scroll, but they didn’t. We had to use the mouse, but it was quite difficult on a laptop. The scroll wheel of a mouse makes it easy, but I do a lot of walking around to get quick feedback so I’m typically on a laptop. Any keyboard ability to scroll would be fantastic.

I saw a few related posts on the topic and that more enhancements were coming for full screen presentation mode, so perhaps this is already on your radar.


Hi @grebe,

I totally get your need about this one and I’ve just added the request in our internal tool so we can discuss it with the team.

Thanks for sharing the idea with us today! As always, we’re here to help if you need anything else.