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Error #3125 - can't save or open projects


We’ve been getting the error message #3125 for a week now.
Can’t save mockups any longer, and saved project can’t be opened.
Out of three users in our office, I’m the only one.

Couldn’t find any help on this error message in the forum.


Ouch @swi-admin. I’m sorry about that.

Error 3125 means that something got corrupted in your project file.

Are you running a recent version of Mockups? If you are, there should be a backup file in your local store. Here are the instructions for retrieving it:

If you are running a version before 3.2.1, would you mind sending us the BMPR file? We may be able to work some magic and recover it. We would hold your data in the strictest confidence, and only long enough to see if anything was recoverable.

Are you saving to a networked drive or folder? If so, there is a chance that your IT team may be able to recover the file from a backup.

Lost data is the absolute worst thing, and I want to make sure we exhaust every option for getting your data back.


Hi Brendan,

I’m running into this issue as well (Error 3125). There is no backupfile in my local store.

My version is 3.1.9. Can you please advise on resolving?



Yeah, 3.1.9 is too early for the backup file. I’m really sorry about that @h_shah. Would it be possible to send us the BMPR file? is the best address.

Was this on a networked drive or folder - or was it stored elsewhere?