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Error #3128 when opening project



I am running Mockups 3 on Windows 7 Professional. Earlier I got blue screen while working on the mockups (resizing image from assets). When i restarted the Windows and tried to open the project, I got error #3128 and the application hanging. I noticed in the project folder, I found another file with extension bmpr-journal. Is it still possible to restore this project file ? What is this error means ?


Hello @I_Putu_Supradnyana, could you please email your project and the journal file to We’ll see what we can do to try and recover some data!


I already sent the project and journal file. Actually I already recreate the project again. The project just started, so it just contain around 5 mockups. Perhaps you can use my data to understand better about the problem. Looking forward for the future patch :smile:
Thanks for the support